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Bearly Emmerich Turtle Bay

DOB: March 2010
Color: Broken Chamoisee
Sire: *B Bearly Pyr Emmerich

SS: *B Bearly TRI Pyrenees

SD: Bearly CJ Fernie 2*M EX90
Dam: SGCH Bearly Tierro Bijou 3*M EX91

DS: SG ++*B Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro

DD: GCH Bearly Rebellious Whimbrel 2*M EX91

LA: not scored

DHI: no record

Turtle is a promising young doe. She is tall and long, with a very well attached udder. She has been once Reserve Grand Champion as a milker.

Doe Family Lines

GCH Skylines El Nino 1*M EX90

GCH Bearly Rebellious Whimbrel 2*M EX91

SGCH Bearly Tierro Bijou 3*M EX92

Bearly Kim Isabelle 2*M EX91

Bearly Emmerich Koko VG88

Bearly Emmerich Turtle Bay

Hope Family:

Dixie-Does Texas-K Hope Chest 1*M EX91

GCH Bearly Rebellious Magpie 2*M EX91

GCH Bearly Rebellious Mulka 2*M EX91

GCH Bearly Savoy Mousehole 2*M EX92

Bearly TRI Paris 3*M EX90

Bearly Ashby Nesse 3*M EX90

Bearly Anaehoomalu Patrizzi VG86

Echo Family:

SG Cherry Glen Ideal Echo 1*M VG87

Bearly Rhythm Emilia-Romagna G+84

Holly Family:

Leverett Acres Holly 2*M EX90

SGCH Bearly Reprise Alexandria 3*M EX92

Bearly Savoy Avon 4*M EX90

Bearly Empress Alalakeiki

Tetrazinni Family:

Tempo Aquila Fettucine VG88

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