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GCH Bearly Rebellious Magpie 2*M EX91

DOB: April 2001
Color: Sundgau
Sire: *B Cherry Glen Hunter Rebellion

SS: *B Cherry Glen Radical Hunter

SD: GCH Cherry Glen Cinnahead Roxanne 3*M
Dam: Dixie-Does Texas-K Hope Chest 1*M EX91

DS: *B Bayview H&D Texas Tornado

DD: Bayview NIP Julie’s Keepsake

YSA: 01-02 V+Ec V
LA: 02-03 88 +VVV

03-02 87 VEVV

04-03 89 VEVE

07-03 91 EEEE

DHI: 06-01 137 1460 4.2 61 2.9 42

08-11 228 1760 3.3 58 2.8 50 (in progress)

Show: 2001: 4th place Junior Kid ADGA National Show

2007: 1x GCH

2008: 7th place 7&over ADGA National Show

Maggie improves with age. In the top photo, she is 9 years. A doe of tremendously correct structure, her feet, legs, and pasterns are among the nicest on the farm. Her toes are very tight. Maggie’s udder is nicely shaped and milks down to nearly nothing. Additionally, she has a strong medial suspensory holding the udder above the hocks deep into maturity.

6 years

9 years

Doe Family Lines

Ellie Family:

GCH Skylines El Nino 1*M EX90

GCH Bearly Rebellious Whimbrel 2*M EX91

SGCH Bearly Tierro Bijou 3*M EX92

Bearly Kim Isabelle 2*M EX91

Bearly Emmerich Koko VG88

Bearly Emmerich Turtle Bay

Hope Family:

Dixie-Does Texas-K Hope Chest 1*M EX91

GCH Bearly Rebellious Magpie 2*M EX91

GCH Bearly Rebellious Mulka 2*M EX91

GCH Bearly Savoy Mousehole 2*M EX92

Bearly TRI Paris 3*M EX90

Bearly Ashby Nesse 3*M EX90

Bearly Anaehoomalu Patrizzi VG86

Echo Family:

SG Cherry Glen Ideal Echo 1*M VG87

Bearly Rhythm Emilia-Romagna G+84

Holly Family:

Leverett Acres Holly 2*M EX90

SGCH Bearly Reprise Alexandria 3*M EX92

Bearly Savoy Avon 4*M EX90

Bearly Empress Alalakeiki

Tetrazinni Family:

Tempo Aquila Fettucine VG88

Bearly Alpine Dairy Goats, Ben Rupchis copyright ©2007-08