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At most times a few does and bucks of varying ages are for sale. Prices listed below are for buck kids. Doe kids are for sale by private treaty only. If you are interested in a purchasing an animal, please contact us and we will make every effort to find one that suits you. In our experience, the key to a successful sale is a good relationship between the buyer and seller. To foster such a relationship, we are happy to communicate via email or phone and encourage a visit to the farm if seriously interested in purchasing a doe or buck.

There are not necessarily kids available from each breeding, but the list will give a general sense of what may be available and what lines we are using.

The terms of sale follow: A $100 or 10% deposit (whichever is greater) is due to reserve a kid; remainder of sale price is due within two weeks of birth; the total paid will hold kids to be shipped via air up to 6 weeks and kids to be picked up from the farm up to 10 weeks; until such deadline is reached, kids are responsibility of seller and any money paid shall be refunded in full to buy should the kid not be born or something happen to the kid.

2013 Breedings

Doe Service Sire Kid status/location Price
Mulka Sweet Dreams Nixon's Affirmed California NFS
Alexandria White Whale XperienceSunSquirt Purebred/Virginia $1500
Bijou Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm Virginia $800
Mouse Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm Virginia $800
Avon TBD California $750
Paris *B Citheria SMXF Flashpoint California $600
Nesse *B Chairein YK Cast A Spell California $600
Lala White Whale XperienceSunSquirt Purebred/Virginia $750
Turtle Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm Virginia $600
Koko Citheria SMXF Flashpoint California $750
Guiliana Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm Virginia $400
Gallipolis White Whale XperienceSunSquirt Virginia $400


*B Antiquity Tierro Renegade VG89

Sire: SGCH ++*B Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
Dam: Rockin'K's Riziki 8*M VG88
Price: $15/straw or $60/5 straws

*B Bearly Rebellious Whistler

Sire: *B Cherry Glen Hunter Rebellion VG87
Dam: GCH Skylines El Nino 1*M EX90
Price: $25/straw or $100/5 straws

*B Bearly Renegade Glacier

Sire: *B Antiquity Tierro Renegade VG89
Dam: SG Bearly BRW Fiji 2*M EX90
Price: $15/straw or $60/5 straws

*B Bearly SKBF Tonga VG88

Sire: SGCH +*B Stump Hollow K&B Faro VG89
Dam: GCH Bearly Storm-E Thunder 2*M VG88
Price: $15/straw or $60/5 straws

Bearly Alpine Dairy Goats, Ben Rupchis copyright ©2008-09