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*B Bearly TRI Pyrenees

DOB: March 2008
Color: Chamoise
Sire: SGCH ++*B Tangleroot Royal Image EX90

SS: SG ++*B Shahena'ko Crown Royal

SD: GCH Tangleroot Dark Nebula 4*M VG85
Dam: GCH Bearly Rebellious Mulka 2*M EX91

DS: *B Cherry Glen Hunter Rebellion VG87

DD: Dixie-Does Texas-K Hope Chest 1*M EX91
YSA: 00-04 EcEcEc Ec
LA: 01-06 87 VEV (VVVEVVV) (in rut)
SDP: ETA21:+3 ETA12:+54

Pyr is a handsome young buck standing on a strong set of feet and legs. He is the litter brother to our 2009 Spotlight Sale doe, Provence, purchased by Laurie Acton of Tempo Alpines. His sire, Tangleroot Royal Image, was Premier Sire at the 1997 National Show; notable daughters include SGCH Exemplr Royal Ferina 1*M EX92 and SGCH Cherry Glen TRI Alice Indigo 2*M EX92.


*B Bearly TRI Pyrenees VG87
*B Nodaway Ayla's Tawny Emperor
*B Bearly Emperor Anaehoomalu
Redwood Hills Tribute Rhythm

One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault
SGCH ++*B Shahena’ko Sumo Tierro
SG ++*B Sodium Oaks Wampum VG87
SG +*B Sunshine Rehma Reprise VG88
SG ++*B Sunshine Seign Sedric VG88
++*B Sweet Dreams Cadillac Jack VG89
SGCH ++*B Tangleroot Royal Image EX90

Bearly Alpine Dairy Goats, Ben Rupchis copyright ©2007-08