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Bearly Savoy Ashby

DOB: June 2007
Color: Cou Blanc
Sire: One*Oak*Hill Glorious Savoy VG85

SS: +*B Topsy-Does GM Glorious

SD: SG One*Oak*Hill Sedric Silhlvana EX92
Dam: SG Bearly Reprise Alexandria 3*M EX92

DS: SG +*B Sunshine Rehma Reprise

DD: Leverett-Acres Holly 2*M EX90
YSA: Not scored
LA: 01-01 86 VEV

Ashby is a handsome young buck. He balances dairy character with structural correctness. He excels in feet and legs, head, and shoulder assembly. Ashby’s dam, Alex, is pictured below.

Bearly Alpine Dairy Goats, Ben Rupchis copyright ©2007-08